Scientific schools

The following scientific groups operate in ESC IASA

- "Hybrid neural networks of deep learning and their application in forecasting and medical diagnostics" of the scientific school "Modern Technologies and Methods of Computational Intelligence", head Yuriy Zaichenko;

- "Mathematical Modeling of Natural, Technical and Socio-Economic Systems" of the Scientific School "Mathematical Modeling", head Oleksandr Makarenko;

- "New Neural Network Models" of the scientific school "New Principles of Neural Networks", head Vyacheslav Osaulenko;

"Applied Geoinformation Systems" of the scientific school of the same name, head Yevhen Lvovich Samorodov;

"Development of theory and methods based on the methodology of cross-sectional analysis, methods of in-depth analysis of loosely structured data, large volumes of data, and their application to solving interdisciplinary problems of various nature" of the scientific school "Development of theory and methods of system analysis and their application to development solving interdisciplinary tasks of various nature", head of Nataliya Pankratova, whose work involves employees of the unit.