Based on the National Technical University of Ukraine "Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" in November 2023,the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works on artificial intelligence will be held.
The purpose of the Competition is to activate the research work of students, stimulate interest in science and technology among young people, and help solve problems and practical tasks in artificial intelligence.
The competition will be held in two rounds: the 1st Round - in September - October 2023 at institutions of higher education, and the 2nd Round - in November 2023 at KPI named after Igor Sikorsky. The 2nd Round of the Competition is held in two stages: the first stage – a review of works; the second stage is the final scientific and practical conference.
Detailed information about the All-Ukrainian Competition of student scientific papers on artificial intelligence and its progress is available on the website
Acceptance of papers based on the results of the 1st Round from institutions of higher education will be opened until October 20, 2023. through the online form on the website of the All-Ukrainian Competition of student scientific works on artificial intelligence.


Dear students and employees!

According to the decision of the university management, taking into account the number of places in the shelters, classes for some University’s units will be held online in all courses.
ESC IASA is in the list of these subdivisions.


We invite applicants to the Open Day!
When: May 15. 2023 3 at 19:00
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