The Development Strategy of the Igor Sikorsky KPI indicates that the involvement of employers and their implementation in the educational process is mandatory. Universities invites employers to participate in the Job Fair. Companies interested in employing specialists are presented at the Fair. At the Igor Sikorsky KPI there are: meetings of applicants with graduates who are already working and are interested in cooperation with representatives from organizations; various forums and meetings with representatives of foreign organizations and associations. Such meetings provide an opportunity for better understanding the needs of employers regarding the competencies of graduates and their opportunities for future employment, and graduates of higher education institutions also provide useful advice.

The university has the department of practice and employment, which monitors and sums up the employment of graduates; prepares statistical information, which is analyzed at the meetings of the Methodological and Scientific Councils of the University. KPI has the Centre of Career Development, which graduates can contact with current job offers.

Interaction with employers has a systemic nature. ESC IASA and the department cooperate with such employers as the Institute of Telecommunication Systems of the National Academy of Sciences, the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences, WDC-Ukraine, EPAM Systems, Samsung, IT Association of Ukraine, etc.

The main employers for graduates of the department are the institutions of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, international and domestic IT companies, analytical and information institutions, banks, state institutions. Training goals are to train professionals capable of independent scientific research, production-technological and organizational-management activities. The corresponding goals and program results of training fully reflect the trends in the development of the specialty in the labor market. IT companies are interested in training professionals capable of developing and maintaining artificial intelligence systems and intelligent decision-making systems, developing machine learning and self-learning methods, including deep learning methods, developing mathematical models and methods of the intelligent data analysis, developing and using algorithms of image recognition and speech signals in pattern recognition systems, design and maintenance of databases and knowledge.

Graduates of recent years work in leading companies: EPAM Systems, ThetaRay, Samsung, N-iX, Geotab, Erbis, Genesis and others, banking and financial institutions, government and scientific institutions.